martedì 22 giugno 2010

GREECE IN SEPTEMBER for a documentary, you choose the topic!

Yassou Reader, 

after all the wonderful experiences on couchsurfing, I am sure this won't be in vain.. I will finally be coming to Greece.. and not alone! Together with my wife, Katrina Tan, a digital artist from the Philippines, will be spending one month in Hellada starting on sept 11th. My idea is to start up a blog (which I'm doing now) and have people suggest us stories, locations, characters to interview and such. As I don't speak greek, I will be asking others to help me, but for now I put it on in english. In return for filming the video (which we will produce and postproduce directly on the spot, if possible) we will just need free accomodation, in order to also film something on 'Greek hospitality, does crisis help?' Who knows?! How do you like my idea?
You just need to SUGGEST US: TOPICS, PLACES, PEOPLE TO INTERVIEW and we help you tell the story YOU wanted to tell
Please help us by contacts, logistics or collaborators. Also, check out here: - featuring CREATECULTURE.ORG

here is the last activity by Atopos TOWARD THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ADRIATIC: BALKANS IN ANKON. A one.week event hosting 4 young artists from Albania, Bosnia H., Romania and Serbia.



greetings, Francesco

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