mercoledì 22 giugno 2011


after almost one year since we left Greece, the country is facing ever harder times, please read bits from a letter which will be featured on Café Babel:

I also hope to see new leaders coming from this situation, leaders not from the top, not from the same political families. Papandreou or Samaras (head of political opposition) who have never worked in their lives, how do we expect they understand "I do not have money to pay your taxes"... in oder to preserve your the end

Moreover, one of the main danger is for syndicalists and left political parties to try and profit from these gatherings in order to present the situation as they want. This can not be more further from the truth, because people that go there, we do not want to have any syndicalists or political party invasion. 

About the result, I would be very happy to see people react, especially young people reacting and start discussing about politics (youngsters, the last years have been so appalled by politics that they turned their head and back on everything that had to do with politics) , and of course above all to see the political class in Greece shreking. Shreking their status! This is why I was in favour of circling the Greek Parliament, for the symbol itself.

I strongly believe many important crimes are not written in the penal code. Like the crime of falsifying  or adultarating the wilingness of a person or of a whole people. 

received through Elina Makri

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